Do you Qualify?

Do you Qualify?

Most business owners know that a federal tax credit is available on solar in the United States of 30%. It actually STARTS at 30% and works up as high as 70%.

This 100% depends on the location of your business. There is also a little known program in the US offered by the USDA which is a grant that pays for 50% of your business’ solar installation expenses.

The USDA grant would seem to be for only agricultural related businesses. That is not true. You only need to be a business in a rural area to qualify. The USDA grant of 50% depends entirely on the location of your business. You might be surprised at what the USDA considers to be ‘rural’

Let’s find out. The call only takes minutes to access our database and find out what your business qualifies for.

In addition to the USDA’s 50% grant, you also get a 75% loan guarantee from the USDA on the outstanding expense of your solar installation.